I am a non-certified wine gob. Yup, that’s a cross between a wine snob and a wine geek. Because I am not deep-pocketed enough to be snob and I know far too little to be a geek.

As owner of a shamefully unevolved palate and a compromised olfactory function (possibly due to prolonged over-exposure to nail polish fumes), I suffer from memory impairment and occasionally struggle with foreign words containing more than two syllables (which means I like ‘chateau’ and ‘villa’ but am stymied by ‘tenuta’).

Years of apathetic wine drinking evaporated when a particularly tasty Losada Bierzo came my way at dinner one evening. My curiosity was then nurtured by a succession of increasingly delicious wines (not all on the same night, of course). Then one day, a crudely drawn, geographically inaccurate map did it; made it all click.

The map made me do it.

Out of that map came a fascination with wine that I have been satisfying with visits to the wine shop; piles of wine books, documentaries, notes, and a stocked cellar (read: wooden racks cobbled together one on top of another). Dinner with wine soon became more common than without.

I don’t know everything about wine. I’m far from an expert and I will never be one. But I know enough to know what I don’t know. This blog is about figuring it out for myself along the way and having a fun, anxiety-free time doing it.

And so far, I think I’m doing OK.

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