image Judgment of … what?

girl meets wine dinner

I met somebody who’d never heard about the Judgment of Paris. I know this isn’t exactly front page news, but wait. He’s in the wine business. He comes from a family of winemakers. And he’s French. Maybe I was being punk’d but he was genuinely bewildered. Look, I don’t want to be one of those people who impose arbitrary expectations on others. That would be like someone saying I should know how to make dumplings just because I’m Chinese. But seriously. Am I being a snot here?



  1. I’m sure you were being punked. If not, this person must live in a bubble with no access to media of any sort. We live in Napa Valley – you can bet everyone here has heard about it! :–) A few months ago during the 40th anniversary it was all we talked about. Just after the anniversary I had the honor of meeting Miljenko “Mike” Grgich, who made the white wine at Chateau Montelena that beat the French white wines. Here’s our write up on that vist:


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