image The Rioja gold standard


I love Riojas, did I mention how much I love Riojas? I guess it’s because I love good food and as far as food-friendly wines go, Rioja is jostling its way to the top. That is, if it isn’t there already. It pretty much goes well with anything, except maybe asparagus – but then again, no wine goes with asparagus. Or brussel sprouts.

Ahhh, but I digress.

The Rioja opens up with a great fruity nose, rife with dark berries. At first sip, it is slightly tannic, but once the food enters the equation, the tannins soften and the wine becomes more balanced and well-rounded. Nice earthy flavor with dark fruit notes. Which is great considering the feast we have ahead of us.

Rioja, the Spanish signature blend of Tempranillo and Grenache grapes, is a crowd-pleaser every time. And the gold standard – according to many wine aficionados – is the acclaimed Muga Rioja Reserva. Definitely one to buy and keep.


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