image Ségla, a super second’s second. A mouthful to say, but worth every sip

Second (and third) wines are my thing. That’s pretty obvious from some of my posts. They’re great for early drinking and they give you a taste of the fruits of a prestigious château’s labor at a very reasonable price. An excellent buy, certainly.

Ségla is the second wine of Château Rauzan-Ségla. I’ve heard many an enlightened wine lover swooning over Rauzan-Ségla, the château’s first wine. Someday I’ll get mine, but for now, Ségla ― with its signature Margaux elegance of plum cherries, dark berries, and vanilla; smooth tannins; and beautiful long finish ― makes the wait a lot more pleasurable. Second wines can generally be drunk upon release or within a few short years, but may be kept longer as well. This Margaux ― at 10 years old ― was still extremely fresh and lively.

A few interesting facts about Chateau Rauzan-Ségla for the uninitiated: It is a super second growth, it is 357 years old this year, and it has belonged to Chanel since 1994. Super second isn’t an official classification, but it’s a term given to second growth wines that are considered to be superior to their peers and thought to be almost as good as first growths in quality. So, not all second growths are super second growths, but all super second growths are second growths. Couldn’t resist tossing that in.


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