image When having an epic meltdown, only a Tignanello will do

Tignanello antinori tuscany italy wine

The mark of a great wine is one that stands up under all circumstances and still sings loud and clear, no matter what the imbiber’s sorry emotional state. The imbiber, in this case, was me. An ordinary wine would’ve buckled under the pressure of my theatrics, but a Tignanello is no ordinary wine. Even my ridiculous blubbering couldn’t overshadow that arresting nose. So arresting that I had to take a break from my blubbering to take notes. With shaky hands.

Cherries, plums, violets, cigar box. Powerful, deep, elegant, and above all, moving. So persuasive was this wine that I stopped blubbering all together after 80 minutes (coincidentally the same amount of time I took to finish my ribeye).

By the end of the evening, I was blissfully happy again. I’m buying a few more bottles to keep for the next time I decide to have an emotional meltdown. I expect I’ll have several more before the year comes to an end.


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