image Marchesi di Barolo ― ideal for the deflowering of Barolo virgins

Barolo di Marchesi Piedmont wine

I had the Marchesi di Barolo Barolo 2007 in a rather unlikely place. Picture this: crowded Chinese restaurant complete with gaudy pink tablecloths, malfunctioning air-conditioner, and plates of salty peanuts on the tables. We brought our own wine, corkage was waived. And it was in this unlikely situation that I found this Barolo to be unlike any Barolo I had ever tasted. That was my mistake, I suppose, expecting this to be typical. And by typical, I mean powerful, all poise and intensity, the King of wines, and all that.

On the contrary, it was surprisingly light for a Barolo and incredibly elegant. Produced in the commune of Barolo itself, this wine can be drunk relatively young. For stronger, more power-packed expressions of the Barolo, try those made in Serralunga instead, although immediate gratification won’t be on the cards. You’d have to wait a good 20, 30 years perhaps.

So if you’re a Barolo virgin, eager to give the King a shot, the Marchesi di Barolo 2007 will be your best bet.



  1. Winnie: That was the vintage speaking, not the producer. Marchesi di Barolo can make a wine as big as any of them in the right vintage, but 2007 was a light, forward year all through the Barolo/Barbaresco zone — which does make it, as you describe, a wonderful vintage both for early drinking and for introducing those unfortunate souls who don’t yet know Barolo to the magic elixir.


    • Thanks for pointing that out, Tom! I wasn’t aware of that. Glad I got the tasting bit right though. It’s a steep learning curve for me! Perhaps I should be saying 2007 is the ideal choice for Barolo virgins. Just tread with care : )


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